thanksgiving is a pain in the ass seriously. I suppose it's more like a pain in my ass. I enjoy cooking, but maybe only for my family or a small group of people. Cooking for 25 people is not fun.
We finally bought an oven, which I love. I missed baking so much! Making everything via frying or steaming is not as fun. Tomorrow we will be heading back to Wal-mart early in the morning to pick up a roaster, because the turkey is too big to fit in the oven.

I don't care how many people wal-mart enslaves, they're still awesome in my book.

I can't wait for our next vacation. It starts mid-January and will be about 2 weeks long. Michael and I will actually go somewhere this time. Haven't set our plans in stone or anything yet though.

"I've 20 bathrooms, I can shit all day"

...alright I'm getting delirious it's time for bed.
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So, I need some advice.

About 7 or 8 months ago I ended my friendship with Bruce. I thought it was a good idea at the time. This was right after he quit the team and screwed over his debate partner Sydney. Everyone told me that Bruce was crazy and lied but I never believed them until that happened. Then I started questioning everything he said to me, and started getting really annoyed any time he tried to talk to me. So I started blocking him on aim, gmail, everything possible, and decided I did not want to be friends with him anymore. We ended our friendship via e-mail, and I was not so nice about it.

In hindsight, I'm not sure that I did the right thing. The more I think about it, the more I think I made the wrong decision. I honestly think that my life was super crazy at the time (doing 24 credits in one semester, 2 jobs, debate, 2 honors thesis', and preparing for marriage to name a few). I viewed Bruce as a source of instability, and it was something that I could control so I cut him out of my life. Overall, Bruce was not a bad friend. He was actually a really good friend at times. He helped me out in debate, was there for me through the whole michelle debacle, and was fun to hang out with. Now that my life isn't crazy busy and I have time to think about it, I'm starting to regret my decision. I'm positive that how I ended the friendship really hurt Bruce, and I know I was being selfish about the whole situation. I want to apologize to him, but I'm afraid that he won't care/listen/respond, or whatever.

Is this a mistake I should try to fix, or should I just forget about it?
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zai jian

So I leave in ONE week, which means that I have 6 days left to hang out with people. I feel like my parents are in total denial of the whole thing. They keep coming with reasons that they think I won't be able to go, and have voiced that they don't think that I will actually make it there. WAKE UP I have bought the tickets I have my visa, all I have to do is finish packing! They haven't even been really talking with me about it, which is really strange considering that I might not see them for 2 years! I suppose that that's just the way they are.

In other news Michael and I are trying to sell our laptops and his desktop... if you know anyone who might be interested lemme know!

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Don't you hate it when you're in class, you make a comment in class, and the teacher's like "Nope you're wrong." ?
That seems to happen to me a lot, because I like to argue with people, even if I don't necessarily mean/agree with what I'm saying.

Contradicting people is fun.
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So it is pretty much solid that me and Michael will be moving to China. I've got 2 job offers from 2 schools, and an interview with Disney (yes disney has an English school, don't ask me why- cause' Chinese people love it I guess :P ). Right now I'm driving myself crazy refreshing my e-mail waiting to hear back from them... even though I just talked to them yesterday.
I can't help it! I'm literally driving myself crazy with this China stuff. It's all I can think about 24/7 and all I want to do is talk about it.

I reallllly want to get the job from disney-- it sounds awesome. I would be teaching little kiddies- like aged 4-8. We would play games and sing songs and what not (typical disney stuff :P) to help them learn English. It's basically the same thing I do now, but instead of teaching Spanish it will be English. The job pays pretty well for in a job in China (fyi currency conversion is 1US $ = 7RMB) and will be located in Shanghai- which would be AWESOME- since shanghai is full of expats from the US, has diverse grocery stores, and lots of things to do! In addition to my pay they also give me an additional stipend to pay for housing. Disney would pay for me to stay in a hotel for 30 days whilst I look for an apartment, which is pretty nice. They're also willing to pay for my tefl (teaching english as a foriegn language) certification, which is so great because it usually costs like 2grand or so to get that done, and I can use it for future jobs. The contract would be for 2 years, and they would pay for my plane ticket and everything which is great too. All in all... I WANT IT NAO!

Michael will ofcourse be coming too... he's thinking about getting his cert. too while he's there so that he can maybe get a teaching job at a local public school or something. If I have to leave before the end of the summer, he might stay here until he finishes his lifegaurding job, so he can make the extra moneys. :)

Seriously I'm going mad... if I'm on my computer I'm researching apartments, stores, etc, in Shanghai... when I try to sleep all I can do is dream about it, and when I talk to anyone all I can do is tell them about it.

I think I'm starting to annoy myself... HA!

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Halloween party at my place tomorrow. Starts @ 6:30 ends when you leave.  There is a costume contest, so dress up... and even if there wasn't, cmon' it's fun anyways.

Call me if you need a ride! (unless your 2 hours or more away > nudge nudge sam cory and jason<) :B

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